Life Imitating Art?

Kebab ShopAccording to my site stats, one of the most frequent search terms leading people to this site is “Kebab Shop Design“, or slight variants thereof. In fact such searches are responsible for about 50% of my unique, none-repeat hits.

I suppose I’m glad to learn that in this tough financial climate at least one type of local trader is enjoying booming trade, but I am slightly irritated by the fact that the most popular post on this graphic design blog is my six month old piece featuring a spoof kebab shop. It’s annoying to know that the majority of hits I get are by those with no interest in the subject I write about.

But it does beg the question – how many potential kebab shop owners look at the post without seeing the irony and think, on some level, that it contains some good ideas?

By producing a piece of dystopian design to act as a commentary on what I perceive as the ever dwindling sense of community brought about by society’s blinkered and ill advised dedication to capitalistic ideals at the cost of natural human interaction and common sense, could I at some level inadvertently shape the future of fast food vending?

I shall be pissed off if one day I find myself laying in a grazed heap on a filthy pavement having been ejected from a takeaway by one of my own ironic conveyor belts.

“CURSE ME!” I shall cry, waving my fist at myself.

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